JNU understudy Umar Khalid shot at in Delhi, escapes safe

NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) understudy Umar Khalid was purportedly shot at by a man at the Constitution Club close Parliament in Delhi on Monday. He got away safe in the episode. The occurrence occurred when Khalid was at the Constitution Club to go to an occasion titled ‘Khauff Se Azaadi’, sorted out by an association named ‘Joined Against Hate’.

Responding to the terminating, the JNU researcher said that individuals who talk against the legislature are debilitated. “There is an environment of dread in the nation, and anyone who talks against the administration is undermined,” Khalid said.

Witnesses asserted that two shots were discharged when Khalid was at the passage of the club. “Umar Khalid went with us. We were at a tea slow down when a man in a white shirt came, pushed and started shooting at him. Khalid lost his adjust, tumbled down and the shot missed him. We endeavored to get the man yet he fled. He discharged flying shots and the gun slipped out of his hands,” an observer said.

Police are at the spot and are examining the issue. They have grabbed the weapon that was dropped by the blamed while escaping. “A man assaulted from behind while Umar Khalid and his partners were having tea at a slow down, Khalid tumbled down. He is protected. We are examining further,” Joint CP Delhi Ajay Chaudhary said.

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